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Welcome to Amazon Aquatics,

We are a small family run business dedicated to helping those with everything from small aquariums to even the largest of fish ponds, we have been open since late 2005 but have been in the trade for around 11 years. However we have been keeping fish indoor and outdoor for around 24 years personally.

We pride ourselves on giving a great customer service and selling superior quality fish that are quarantined by our wholesalers before sale. We will not sell wild caught fish unless specified due to our belief that the trade is able to sustain its self without damaging the enviroment.

We also offer a great choice in aquarium/pond treatments, fish foods and equiptment that have been tested (as everything we sell) by ourselves, we will not sell any product that have failed our testing in someway, we offer that as a personal touch to yourselves the customer, this ensures you have been given the correct advice or product, sometimes even without spending a penny!

We value you as a customer and your input will be greatly received if you like us then please follows us on Twitter and 'like us' on Facebook for latest addtions to our fishroom and offers in the shop.


Amazon Aquatics