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News Entries for month: April 2013  

  • Apr 25

    Spring cleaning and news

    Ok so not been on here for a while (December the 21st by the looks) so thought I would go through a few things and have a spring clean.

            Well first off the years weather has not been a great start to things and that being said doesn't help the pond season much, however that being said now its getting a bit warmer (this weekend excluded) now is the time to start thinking about replacing uv bulbs in ponds and cleaning the filters out ready for that wake up that the fish have started to show in the past couple of days. To help you along with that we have the generic foam replacements for your filter boxes, most uv bulbs and pond foods now in stock. But a NEW Product we are now stocking should be in by the end of new week is the Evolution Aqua PURE POND Bomb ( For more info ) this is a biological booster/starter for your ponds which is also available for aquariums ( For more info ) I have been looking at the reviews and also spoken to the representative and you do need to keep an eye on the ammonia though as this does add a VERY amount into the pond so if your using ammonia to kickstart you pond as well you should be aware of this and test for this to be on the safe side.

            Next bit of news is that we have now back in stock 90% of the NewEra tropical foods and we have a few additions to that family also. First off are the Marine flakes in 2 sizes 15g and 30g and also the Aegis flake in 15g now I know we are not a marine stockist as such however we have been asked to provide the marine flakes by our customers and as you know we aim to please. On the Coldwater side the flakes have now been added to list to provide the same high quality food to the coldwater fish as they do the tropical fish.

        Feature though goes to the NewEra Tropical Grazer this has been reviewed by PFK and also been tested by me also, I find it a great product for a treat feed however it needs to be added if possible at the start of the day as this is a grazer and a normal feed. This means that the fish will pick at it all day so if you feed this late at night then most of your fish will go to sleep before the food has completely been eaten however if you place it on the glass just before work, school, house cleaning or general slobbing session then they will have plenty of time to greedily devour the grazer. One more thing to think of before you purchase any of the stick on feeders availiable though make sure you have a nice amount of fish to chow down on it, again this is due to the time its designed to be eaten in, if you have 3 small neons in your 8 litre nano tank then i would not advise you to get this product as it will obviously pollute your tank.

    Here is the vidoe of the Grazer in action:

    Posted By Super Admin on Apr 25, 2013 at 3:02 PM