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  • Jul 31

    Well This Happened!

    End of an era

    End of an era 2

    So lets get fact posting -Yes our shop at Maple Avenue is closed (Due to a huge rent increase and a massive drop in fish sales) -No Were not closed (We are now running from Ripley Market on Fridays and Saturdays from 8am till about 3pm for dry good sales and frozen food orders (please ring your order through before collection as I am not dragging our freezer to the market as our extension lead is not long enough!) -Yes our Details will still work (phone number will be transferred to my home address and hopefully goes live on August the 11th) -Our home address will be here for 2 things our 5* customer service for advice and home delivery orders (Google maps will be updated if you really have to collect your goods for some reason). -Yes you read that right I will now be offering a free LOCAL delivery service all I ask is a couple of things please ask how far I will deliver as Scotland is not local and to please make sure I can deliver the same day as a small order amount may be subject to being added onto a different day to make it more economical for me. -Yes you will be able to place orders through our web page eventually (though we have an astronomical amount of things to do at the moment so please bare with us) I will try and get our old phone number re-directed to a temporary number if I can so you can place orders by phone. -Our dry good stock remains pretty healthy (in boxes until I can get the stands up) but we are still waiting for certain items to come back in stock. I think that's everything for now any questions please don't hesitate to post here, Twitter or Email us for a rapid response. All it leaves me to say is I am VERY sorry if you have come to the shop and we were gone it was a very quick decision and we waiting as long as we could to tell as many as we could in person however I know some were left shocked. I hope it didn't cause any inconvenience. Again hope this answers most questions and keep watching this space and our website for new things to come and who knows maybe even a new Store Kind Regards Amazon Aquatics

    Amazon Aquatics

    Posted By Amazon Aquatics on Jul 31, 2017 at 8:23 PM

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  • Dec 24

    Christmas Opening hours 2013/2014

    Well Christmas is here and I hope you have all put out your "Santa Please Stop Here" signs and your reindeer food, which from what I am told by my friend is some sort of glitter + oatmeal mix which if done right can ruin your lawn for weeks, so make sure you do it at another house. Anyhoo time for our opening hours over this lovely festive period.

    Todays last chance to pick up that last minute gift is 15:00 which after that you can catch me in the pub ;)

    Christmas Day : Closed

    Boxing Day : Closed

    Friday 27th : Kinda closed but I might be hovering around

    Saturday 28th : As normal 9:30 - 17:00

    Sunday 29th : As Normal 10:00 - 15:00

    Monday 30th : As normal 12:00 - 16:00

    New Years Eve : 10:00 - 15:00

    New years Day : Not a chance of being open :p

    Thursday 2nd : All back to normality 10:00 - 17:00

    Hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Amazon Aquatics

    Posted By Super Admin on Dec 24, 2013 at 11:55 AM

  • Jul 24

    JBL Background Glue Testing

    Ok so I have always prided myself on testing as many products and chemicals I can before they hit the shelves. So when a customer came to me last weekend and asked me for some background glue and then started enquiring how it worked, can you take the background off or is it permanent and is it easy to use I thought doh! I have never even tried it.

            With this in mind i decided (not that it takes a true aquarist much coercion mind you) to not only setup an new Nano aquarium and test the product but test a few more and even setup that mini aquascape for my shrimps I have been meaning to do. So here it goes the first testing and review which is obviously the ...

    JBL Background Glue:


    Packaging in my opinion is a tad dated and nothing like the rest of the JBL packaging however its still has all the infomation you need and its still lively enough to pass with other more upto date on the shelf.


    In the box you get the glue its self which is plenty for even the largest Juwel aquarium setup and a high quality piece of triangular plastic used for pushing the air bubble out.

    Right lets get down to the testing I am using a custom made aquarium 30cm/12"/1' cube made from opti white glass which first I placed on  the background paper and got a sharp stanley blade and cut round the tank, it does say on the instructions to cut the backing 1cm smaller however I would say each aquarium will be bifferent. For example a Juwel aquarium would be cut different due to the top and bottom rims from say a custom made where you may not have either, basically make the backing paper a neat fit to all the edges.

    FIXOL Review

     I then placed the aquarium on the front face on a flat surface with a piece of clean cloth as not to scratch the front and placed 1 capfull of the glue directly in the center of the back pane (obviously for a lager aquarium use more glue to suit). I gentley placed the previously cut backing paper on the pane very slowly adjusted the backing so it was aligned then proceeded in small firm but gentle pushing movements from the center of the backing paper using the tool provided to the corners first and then to the rest of the edges to spread the glue evenly. After I was happy the glue had covered the whole of the backing paper I placed the aquarium onto one side as to see inside the aquarium for bubbles I then just gentley again used the tool (FIXOL text to the top)to push the bubbles to the nearest edge.

    So is that it I bet your wondering well no as it was soooo easy I thought why not do all 3 sides and just have the front pane visable so I did. I repeated the the same process of placing the side down on the backing paper cuting round it and 1 cap of glue spreading using the tool etc etc, this is where the cutting 1 cm shorter became slightly apparent. If you was to cut the backing paper as suggested in the instructions and you wanted to do it as I have done all the sides or even 2 sides covered then you would have been left with a gap though a logical person would cut it to suit but I think the instruction should have been a bit clearer even so side 2 went on without a hitch. At this point I saw a slight beam of light where the 2 covered panes of glass meet but a bit of black electrical tape sorted that (Though I recommend that you leave the glue to set first before using the tape as I shall explain).


    Here is the finished aquarium.

    JBL FIXOL Amazon Aquatics

     After I had removed all the bubble from all 3 sides I used the black electrical tape (say's on the box to use clear however as I was using black backing I thought black electrical tape would look better)  to seal the edges like it says, after you have wiped away the excess glue. This is where I recommed waiting for the glue to set as I found that when trying to add the tape to the edges to get the seal you can end up pulling the backing off, now I know a bad workmen blames his tools well i have been called a tool on many occasion so it could have just been me, however getting the bubbles out after you have pulled the backing off is damn hard and I left a couple of edges without tape (as I was getting annoyed) by the next morning the backing was perfectly adhered to the glass and all the bubble had gone and I finished off the sealing of the edges without any hicups.

     So conclusion:

    In short the product works exactly as described it doesn't take a brain surgeon to do this (I have proved that) and the end result is amazing. I know I have only used black backing but if you are using a picture backing then I would highly recommend using this over just tape. I know that it seems a high price £5-40 (Our Price) just to stick some backing on but the end result is a crystal clear picture backing without all that camouflage effect you can get when just using tape. However the packaging is slightly dated and the instruction could do with a refresher course on simplicity, but I do find this is usually the case with most German products as the translations go slightly wrong.

    Hope this review has helped you in some way and I will be doing more reviews later on to keep you informed with all the latest and greatest products in the aquatic trade.

    See you soon


    Posted By Super Admin on Jul 24, 2013 at 2:58 PM

  • Apr 25

    Spring cleaning and news

    Ok so not been on here for a while (December the 21st by the looks) so thought I would go through a few things and have a spring clean.

            Well first off the years weather has not been a great start to things and that being said doesn't help the pond season much, however that being said now its getting a bit warmer (this weekend excluded) now is the time to start thinking about replacing uv bulbs in ponds and cleaning the filters out ready for that wake up that the fish have started to show in the past couple of days. To help you along with that we have the generic foam replacements for your filter boxes, most uv bulbs and pond foods now in stock. But a NEW Product we are now stocking should be in by the end of new week is the Evolution Aqua PURE POND Bomb ( For more info ) this is a biological booster/starter for your ponds which is also available for aquariums ( For more info ) I have been looking at the reviews and also spoken to the representative and you do need to keep an eye on the ammonia though as this does add a VERY amount into the pond so if your using ammonia to kickstart you pond as well you should be aware of this and test for this to be on the safe side.

            Next bit of news is that we have now back in stock 90% of the NewEra tropical foods and we have a few additions to that family also. First off are the Marine flakes in 2 sizes 15g and 30g and also the Aegis flake in 15g now I know we are not a marine stockist as such however we have been asked to provide the marine flakes by our customers and as you know we aim to please. On the Coldwater side the flakes have now been added to list to provide the same high quality food to the coldwater fish as they do the tropical fish.

        Feature though goes to the NewEra Tropical Grazer this has been reviewed by PFK and also been tested by me also, I find it a great product for a treat feed however it needs to be added if possible at the start of the day as this is a grazer and a normal feed. This means that the fish will pick at it all day so if you feed this late at night then most of your fish will go to sleep before the food has completely been eaten however if you place it on the glass just before work, school, house cleaning or general slobbing session then they will have plenty of time to greedily devour the grazer. One more thing to think of before you purchase any of the stick on feeders availiable though make sure you have a nice amount of fish to chow down on it, again this is due to the time its designed to be eaten in, if you have 3 small neons in your 8 litre nano tank then i would not advise you to get this product as it will obviously pollute your tank.

    Here is the vidoe of the Grazer in action:

    Posted By Super Admin on Apr 25, 2013 at 3:02 PM

  • Dec 21

    Christmas and New year Opening times

    Christmas and New Year Opening Times:

    Christmas Eve : 10:00 - 15:00

    Christmas Day : Yep you guessed it closed!

    Boxing day       : Recovering from Christmas day so Closed

    Thursday 27th : Recovering from Boxing day so Closed

    Friday 28th      : Business as usual 09:30 - 17:00

    Saturday 29th  : 09:30 - 17:00

    Sunday 30th    : 10:00 - 15:00

    New Years  Eve : 10:00 - 15:00

    New Years Day : Not gonna be fit to do anything but Closed

    Then all back to normal Any emergencies you will be able to get in contact Via Twitter, Facebook or Email

    Posted By Super Admin on Dec 21, 2012 at 3:01 PM